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Ever cognizant of the crucial needs to serve a growing population particularly the aging sector in the United States, Allied Healthcare and Training Center is now on the forefront of health service delivery industry involved in the training of future clinicians.


Recent labor sector studies indicate continuing high demands for entry level positions in institutional jobs (hospitals, nursing homes, rehab facilities and medical offices) as well as in-home positions like private caregivers, homemakers and social companions.  In situations where jobs are scarce, short-term courses that prepare individuals for immediate job placement are always a smart move. 

The graduates of Allied Healthcare and Training Center are taught and primed to step into operational positions on Day 1.  Career-specific training models are in place the moment they set foot inside the classrooms.  AHTC is a licensed health care training facility registered with the Illinois Department of Public Health and as such, the state has challenged the school with high expectations from its graduates.


The school’s founders and faculty are all healthcare professionals with years of real-world experience in the field, each honed in the specific disciplines in which they are engaged.  AHTC instills in its students a strong foundation with which to grow from their entry-level jobs into increasing responsibilities over the long haul on top of the technical competence required of the jobs.  This same culture is expected to develop a deep-seated adherence to high standards of work ethics among the students which would imbue a compassion for their patients, along with professionalism in dealing with co-workers in the medical and healthcare fields.

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5850 N LINCOLN AVE. SUITE 207-208

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AHTC and its programs are approved by:

   Illinois Board of Higher Education

 Division of Private Business and Vocational Schools


Ilinois Department 

of Public Health


(CNA - Certified Nurse Assistant)

This program teaches basic nursing skills geared to prepare students for employment in all kinds of medical institutions including hospitals, nursing homes, physicians’ clinics,  rehabilitation facilities and home health agencies where basic nursing skills are needed.

This program consists of a total of 120 hours classroom instruction and supervised clinical experience.  Out of this total, 80 hours are spent in theory and lectures and interactive learning components and the other 40 hours are hands-on supervised actual work exposure in a nursing home facility.

Instruction in Basic Nursing Assistant Training Program covers the fundamentals of health care, learning about the body structure and functions, basic nursing skills, urinary elimination, rehabilitation and restorative care,  infection control, assisting patients in activities of daily living (ADL), maintaining patient records and preparing reports and other care-specific duties. 

Students are also trained in appropriate interaction with patient’s families and assisting other healthcare practitioners in the system.




If it’s in your heart to care for other people, a career in health care might be the best for you. Allied Healthcare and Training Center offers quality and relevant education that will empower you to engage in healthcare field that provides immediate employment in private and public settings while preparing you to embark on more long term endeavors and more rewarding careers as Licensed Practical Nurses and Registered Nurses.


                        CLOSE  TO  2  MILLION 


According to the U.S. Bureau of Statistics, over 1.9 million nurse aides will be needed through year 2020 to meet the long term care needs of an increasing elderly population.    Allied Healthcare and Training Center graduates are assisted in exploring all employment options in various healthcare settings.  They undergo job search sessions and are coached on how to pass job interviews.